Company Profile

Eastwind Technology Co., Ltd is an off-grid solar solution provider with more than 8 years experience in manufacturing solar lights and solar home systems.Our product range include: solar lanterns, solar energy kits, solar motion lights, solar street lights, solar home systems etc.


With the strict QC system,each product has to be 100% inspected before shipment. We are bringing lights to people in the villages and remote areas without access to reliable energy.such as phone charging, radios & MP3 player, outdoor camping and entertainment.


Eastwind stick to provide affordable solar lights to low-income households to replace expensive, ineffective and dangerous candles and kerosene. By doing these, people's expenses on electricity get reduced and the quality of life and health conditions are improved. We have always been in contribution for the sustainable development of human being and the earth and looked forward to creating a brilliant future together with our customers.

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